Commissioned Artists


Reuben Cheatem

Poster: Ruby Bridges

Reuben Cheatem is a lifelong visual artist who received his B.F.A. from the University of Kansas in 2003. Shortly after graduation Reuben relocated to Atlanta, GA where, along with his artwork, he continued his love for songwriting that he developed after taking piano lessons in college. During this five year span, the series of his structural, angular abstracts began. In 2009 Reuben moved back to his hometown of Des Moines, IA to care for his mother in her last days. Merely 3 months after his return, she passed away. This was the impetus that inspired Reuben to be more than simply a casual creator, but to have the pursuit of becoming a professional artist at the forefront of his endeavors. He was now responsible to live the dream of his mother, also a visual artist, that her sickness and untimely death denied her. In 2012, after a few exhibitions and commissions in Iowa, Reuben ventured to his current home New Orleans, LA a city with a larger market for artists and a culture vastly influenced by music, his second love.



Kyle Tveten

Poster: 1968 City Hall Sit-in

Kyle Tveten is an artist and designer and a South East Louisiana native. He has worked with student groups and community organizations since Undergraduate school at the University of New Orleans. Now he paints and designs freelance, as well as illustrating Cute Fuzzy Thingies From Outer Space, a web comic series about gentrification.

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Shoshana Gordon

Posters: McDonogh Day Boycott , Dorothy Mae Taylor

I am an artist, designer, cook, baker, poet, pun maker, listener, teacher, and book lover. I'm interested in how art and design can be used as tools for education and advocacy to acheive social, political, and economic justice.  In my studio practice, I explore a variety of media, including graphic design, drawing, screenprinting, woodblock carving, animation, painting, papermaking, and bookmaking. To see more of my work in process, please click here. Currently, I'm serving as the 2016–18 AmeriCorps VISTA member for Small Center, Tulane School of Architecture's community design center. When I'm not in the office or my studio, I work with Paper Monuments, New Orleans Peoples' Assembly, and Voice of the Experienced (VOTE).