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Leon Waters

Mr. Leon August Waters is a 66-year-old native of New Orleans. Mr. Waters serves as the board chairperson of the Louisiana Museum of African American History. The museum began in 2002 on the second floor of St. Augustine Catholic Church hall in the Treme neighborhood. Katrina delivered a blow to many of the museum board members’ homes, and thus setback the museum. Today, the board is searching for a permanent physical facility for the museum.

As a licensed tour host, where he directs tours on ‘hidden history’, Mr. Waters is also the manager of Hidden History, L.C.C. – a publishing, touring, and research company. He has published one book titled On To New Orleans: Louisiana’s Heroic 1811 Slave Revolt. This 300 page book tells the story of the largest slave revolt in the United States that happened in St. John the Baptist, St. Charles, and Orleans Parishes. Mr. Waters is currently working on two more books to be published soon.

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