Make History – Create a Poster for Paper Monuments by 3/5/18

Make History – Create a Poster for Paper Monuments by 3/5/18


Paper Monuments is a project designed to elevate the voices of the people of New Orleans in the process of creating symbols for our city that represent all of our collective vision. We reached out to some of New Orleans’ greatest activists, historians, storytellers, and artists to get this project started, and we need you to keep it going.

We’re calling on artists and designers living and working in New Orleans to create posters that celebrate some of the people, places, movements, and events from New Orleans’ 300 year history.

All submitted poster designs will be shown in our online galleries.

The Paper Monuments review team will select some posters to be printed and given out at various galleries, festivals, bookstores, and restaurants, as well as put up throughout the city. If your poster is selected for print, the Paper Monuments team will work with you to refine your design.

If your poster is selected to print, you will also be awarded a $250.00 honorarium.


Submission Steps / Timeline

1.Fill out an initial interest form here, so we know you’re planning on submitting.

2.Choose a topic from the subject list below:

Poster Subjects

-Couvent School / Institute Catholique

-Mr. Okra Robinson

-Celestine Strode Cook

-St. Katharine Drexel

-Rhodes Funeral Home

3.Learn more about the person, place, event, or movement you’ve chosen: visit the associated site(s), research its history, and discover its importance in New Orleans today.

4. Think about the forms, images, and language that shape your topic’s identity.

5. Design a poster! Please leave space in your design for a 300 – 350 words narrative. (Note: For Open Call #4, only St. Katharine Drexel has a finished narrative, linked above.)

6. Submit your poster here by midnight on Monday, March 5, 2018.

7. Selected artists whose posters will be printed will be notified by March 6, 2018, and be given feedback to finalize poster designs, and may have several rounds of revisions to work through. Selected artists will receive payment once the final draft has been sent in.


Submission Specifications

  • Final size must be 20”×29” with portrait orientation

  • All files will be digitally printed and must be print ready in CMYK

  • Submit hi-res PDFs (at least 600 dpi) or Adobe Illustrator or InDesign files

  • Files must be labeled “LastName_FirstName_NameofPerson/Place/Event/Movement” to be considered. Ex: Doe_Jane_SouthernChristianLeadershipConference


Helpful Hints

  • Be creative! There is no restriction on the medium or layout: draw, paint, sculpt, click, build, stomp, craft, bead, glue, screenprint, cut, slash, weave, collage, carve, letterpress – have fun!

  • Learn as much as you can about the subject of your poster design. If you need help finding information, reach out to us over email at or on Facebook.

  • If you’re feeling stuck, check out a project that has influenced Paper Monuments: Justseeds Celebrate Peoples’ History poster series.

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Announcing Paper Monuments' Story Boards!

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