Ongoing Organizing + Outreach

A substantial series of posters and postcards at various scales combining brief histories by the community of resident scholars of New Orleans history, culture, and people. These histories will be paired with graphic representations (photographs, commissioned artwork) to be distributed  through a city wide campaign. This effort will continue throughout organizing and participatory stages to ensure the long term efforts of the project reflect to voices of those who engage at community events and sites, and online.

Participatory Design

a temporary installation at Tivoli Circle will be paired with the request that citizens draw sketches of their monument concepts, locating them throughout the city, and provide a narrative as to the importance of the person, event, movement, or place represented.

Mapping and Documentation


Beta (City of Memory) Program

in keeping with the Monuments Lab model and drawing from the Map Room project in St. Louis, we will use GIS to create a map of New Orleans that represents the proposed monuments in place throughout the city. Likewise, we will document our participatory design process throughout, providing a model for other cities. We hope to partner with one of New Orleans’ many archives to collect the stories and artwork produced by our citizens as part of their collection.  

the collection of New Orleans histories made visible through this process will be a tremendous asset to the city and provide an opportunity to build out a permanent network of artistic beacons rooted in the memory of place. This would be organized and set across the city (see Cite Memorie)