Re: Present Installation Series Open Call

Paper Monuments is seeking proposals for temporary monuments to be created and placed around New Orleans. Groups and individuals encouraged to apply!  If you're interested or want more information, fill out this sign-in sheet. Download the artist info packet here as well as a precedent packet here. When you're ready to submit, fill out the Re: Present Submission Form.

What is Paper Monuments? What is the Re: Present temporary installation series?  

Paper Monuments is a series of opportunities, events, and interventions designed to elevate the voices of the people of New Orleans, as a critical process to creating symbols of our city that represent our collective vision, and to honor the erased histories of the people, events, movements, and places that have made up the past 300 years as we look to the future. The Re: Present temporary installation series will display new visions for public art challenging norms of monumentality and memorialization, presenting physically and programmatically these erased and obscured histories - making the invisible visible.

What materials can be used in installations?

In keeping with Paper Monuments' values of sustainability, ephemerality and creative reimagining of what a "monument" can be, the primary physical material of your work must be paper or paper products. We've gathered a selection of paper-based art precedents here. Other materials such as steel, aluminum, wood or wire may be used to structurally support works. Painting and drawing on the paper is allowed, and you are encouraged to make use of reused and recycled materials. Works must be waterproofed sufficient for temporary outdoor exhibition over a period of approximately six weeks in late spring 2019.

How do I submit my proposal? When is it due?

You can submit your proposal by filling out the Re: Present Submission form. Proposals are due September 17th, 2018.

How will proposals be selected for installation? How many will be selected?

A jury of community leaders in the arts will select 10 proposals, on criteria to include quality of work, appropriateness to the themes of the project, and quality of proposed community engagement.

Where will the installations be located?

Installations will be sited on publicly owned land, including parks and playgrounds, equitably distributed throughout the city. Sites have been identified for high pedestrian visibility, potential to engage neighborhoods in surrounding communities, and historical significance.

How will I engage with the communities around my site?

Following your submission of this packet, Paper Monuments will curate Public Proposals which address themes, locations, people, movements, events and places in which you show interest. Following your selection by the jury, you will be expected to work with the communities around your site to develop installations which combine the neighborhoods' stories with your style and talent. For example, you can speak with neighbors informally, hold a gathering on or near the site, or work with institutions and organizations which operate in the surrounding neighborhood.

How will I be compensated for my work?

Each artist will receive $5,000 in funding, which includes both a stipend and the cost of all materials. Funds will be made available following confirmation of selection and your participation; we do not want you to have to front the cost of the materials for your work.

Who funds this project?

Paper Monuments is funded through grants from the Surdna Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Foundation for Louisiana. Paper Monuments is a project of Colloqate, a New Orleans design justice practice focused on facilitating and created spaces for racial, social, and cultural equity.